Shame on UNESCO: The Latest Attack on Israel’s Right to Exist | American Center for Law and Justice

As we see the anti-conservative climate in the United States of America seething at an all out attack on Conservatives and Christians, there is a constant attack upon Israel that is over boiling. 

We are experiencing situations around the world that have been written about in the Bible with regard to the Last Days before we enter the Tribulation period that the Bible describes. Every Christian needs to pray not just for America and Israel, but for the whole world. Israel needs everyone of our prayer’s right now! I know most Christians are praying for Israel, but we need to fast for Israel and America as we see the signs of the times. The Bible states that Israel is the Apple of God’s eye. They are His people and the Lord will rescue Israel in the End. Prayer is a key and a responsibility to every Christian so we may see the power of God answer our prayer’s for the world. God bless you, paul