Source: WITH POOR VISION… It certainly makes sense. When people agree together because there agenda is the same; it’s nothing more than the blind leading the blind because they believe in the same ideology. This is how Extremists work. The only time this can be bad, is when they believe that violence and name calling along with lieing, they eventually fall into the very same ditch. God does not reward evil with good. Because they refuse to see the error of their ways, the recompense for their deviciveness leads to ruin. No God, no hope! Know God, know hope!


Shame on UNESCO: The Latest Attack on Israel’s Right to Exist | American Center for Law and Justice


As we see the anti-conservative climate in the United States of America seething at an all out attack on Conservatives and Christians, there is a constant attack upon Israel that is over boiling. 

We are experiencing situations around the world that have been written about in the Bible with regard to the Last Days before we enter the Tribulation period that the Bible describes. Every Christian needs to pray not just for America and Israel, but for the whole world. Israel needs everyone of our prayer’s right now! I know most Christians are praying for Israel, but we need to fast for Israel and America as we see the signs of the times. The Bible states that Israel is the Apple of God’s eye. They are His people and the Lord will rescue Israel in the End. Prayer is a key and a responsibility to every Christian so we may see the power of God answer our prayer’s for the world. God bless you, paul 

New Life in Christ 

Let the desires of this earth,

Be replaced with holy purpose, 

The joy of this world no longer pressing first, 

His Love lives in us, His word fills our thirst, 

He is the Life Giver, to those who drink of His river, 

Stained by His blood are the souls of His saint’s, 

He gave His blood for all, to all who call upon His Name, 

The joy that was set before Him, He endured the cross for all, 

The eternal death we faced, He took our place by grace, 

His Spirit lives in us, and forever we will live with Him,

A debt He did not owe, for a debt we could not pay, 

             This is Life in Christ 

Living in the presence of His Love, His Love forever living in us, 

Christ the Lord and Light of the world, 

Chasing away darkness, the moment we call upon His Name.